The Consumer

Just before the I’ll fated lockdown 2020, when Graham Bloxham passionate wellingtonian and media personality was invited as a guest of RotoruaNZ and experienced the chaotic tourism industry software first hand, he made a comprehensive list of how he might help the industry, hospo, travel and attractions sectors recover from the virus, he specified obvious items such as sites too complex, too many ads, too much commission paid, no ability to create one’s own experiences, and a chaotic industry being dominated and sucked dry by gigantic OTA sites that add little value and are instep with preditory search and social ads engines. A lethal control layer for the chase.
He also included the words reach and audiences so he could sell things if the ideas he was thinking were ever implemented.
Strange, then, that he omitted to mention the very consumers that drive the industry and could benefit from a better system. Stranger still, when you realize that Bloxham and the tech people of Welly are renowned for manufacturing high quality software.
The consumer seems fated to be largely ignored, which makes it the ideal subject for a good kiwi yarn.
“I wake up go to work, generate my income to play and thrive, yet the industry has had a terrible demise. Nobody declares that ‘the consumer is mightier that the sword’ – not so long the dreaded lergy exist.
But overlooked is just the way I like it. I am an admirer of things that tend to pass unnoticed and unappreciated.
From using preditor sites, the search giants, the actors that set the tone and take the most in this disrupted industry are often accepted and used despite.
Their time has come, and the lessons that have been learned should not be missed.
That is why – I hope – those trends and lessons of past and a brave new range of services might be embraced instead of slipping back into being dominated by preditors again and leaving your customers dis engaged and not properly embraced.
Now software takes time and agile is the way, constantly listening improving, failing fast and soldiering on. In focusing on the otas, preditory search and consumers makes it really easy to paint a picture.
Existing systems and search suck over 30% and have crazy control. Do Kiwis like being controlled.! No
Control the industry must unite and be the first to shake off. We are bold and resilient enough, nimble and good and as the great kiwi bird can sleep anywhere, in the tussock, on a beach or in a Forrest so can the industry adapt to a new more direct, less expensive and sustainable model.
Keep your cash here not there. And make our industries strong by keeping that slice in Aoteroa.
These preditors will still be here and hopefully they will compare the despair and start to move in a more compassionate manner. Don’t hold your breath though.!
In selecting 7 systems to support this rant, my aim has been to nudge the industry to take these, embrace these pioneers and crazy entrepreneurs who are like us, need support and collaboration to succeed.
Together I hope this brave new collaboration will keep more in your pockets as there will never be another time to move like this.
The Consumer

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