Off Alcohol for 11 years!

It is empowering and the clear thinking delivers results  you and your family and friends will love. The cost savings liberating and the engagement and love for family is immense. The huge negative impacts on performance are not so amazing.

Against the backdrop and the benefits of no booze and operating successfully in business. For me it’s a good time to share how good it is and the clear benefits of slowing drinking or stopping entirely as I did,  for you, family, friends and whoever could benefit from knowing my stuff.

This is not something I talk about often and it comes as a surprise to many given my force of nature approach to business.! I had my last alcoholic booze binge in 2010.

After 25 years of over the top behavior, arrests, manipulation and ups and downs, huge family impacts there I was washed up, weak of body and mind, confused and thinking I was on top of the world. I was a huge winner in my booze haze. Multiple businesses on the go and fuck all focus. I became to realise i was in and limited by a booze infested glass ceiling.

At the time I had my epiphany I was starting our corporate entertainment company Social cooking which went on to sell tens hundreds of thousands of dollars of booze annually so I was surrounded by it constantly and for the 10 years running it, but i didn’t mind as i was looking forward and seeing the changes.

Later in this time I did a paid talk about giving up booze, my journey and the impacts.  As a paid guest speaker, it was serious to me. At the end many in the audience started to openly weep at the story. Smart grown adults and some serious CEOS with big families hearing how bad this shit can get and such is the power of giving up and overcoming the EVIL thing I call “the biggest time thief ever that is booze addiction”.

I can’t say how good it can be and some things I’ve learned.

SUGAR – You can become addicted to BOOZE and the sugar in BOOZE. I had given up about a year and  when beer o’clock, approx 2/3pm came around the craving came on and was quite strong. I thought oh here we go. I’m tired of this so I whipped out and grabbed a big whittakers fruit and nut and nailed half of it and to my surprise it went away. The light went on that I was addicted to alcohol and sugar too. The lesser being sugar so i used that for some time tobeat the cravings.

Pressure and exercise and awareness/action.! – I used exercise to manage my pressure and at a moment’s notice of pressure,  I got out, went for a walk and did regular exercise. I don’t care what it is but when i did it the pressure went away.

Measurement – I started measuring the money i saved, The time i got back, the conversations i started to have with my family and friends that were conversations and not demands or pushy statements. If you can’t measure it you cant manage it, so i found that to be really super helpful.

Risk and booze lowering inhibitions – It was incredible, you get so tired and pickled you are unable to feel and think things through when recovering. I’m talking about 5 beers is enough to do this. But I was doing 15 beers a night so when I stopped I could think. My mentor said he noticed a dramatic change in my focus and behaviour. All the pressure went away. Funny that I thought booze helped get rid of pressure but for me it exacerbated it.

We put so much energy in to being efficient, performing better then we fuck our selves over with booze. It amazes me. I see some really smart people say. I am really driven and focused and I account for my time and I have none to spare time as I’m soooo busy and then see them get pissed all the time. It is criminal to see those double standards.

Listening and respect – When your not at  a party boozed you can listen and respect people.

The Bloxy effect – I think the performances and stuff we did become so extreme, i liked the image i saw and the way my mates loved the stories. Don’t fall for that though as they might live vicariously through you but its not good and they should grow some balls and say NO or stand up and say thats not right, and i would now if i saw that happening. Interestingly also when I stopped shouting at the bar and drinking nightly  it was amazing how many “great mates” i lost.

Depression – I Won’t go too far here but stopping alcohol started my journey out of that corresponding hole.

Mornings – this is where you wake up foggy. Headache, dry. No motivation. I got another month a year back from stopping this and I can only imagine how many other hours back.

Hey this is a first for me,  opening up publicly and sharing my thoughts. Probably one a few to come. With the pressure of COVID im seeing boozing going up and that is a worry to me.!

The bottom line for me is it’s better without booze and if you want to chat any time reach out.

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Off Alcohol for 11 years!

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