NZ has a 6 month head start, Lets not waste it

NZ has a 6 month head start. Lets not waste it.

I find it hard to put into words the impact this is having on people, communities and businesses.
As I write I’m humbled by the support coming from the Government and for each other and excited and ready for the challenge ahead. Glass half full, my family and business network is safe and most are thriving unbelievably under the new opportunities, albeit allot frayed.!
There appears a new collective desire from big hitters that I’ve never witnessed, to work together, collaborate and make a big impact.
The speed things are happening is amazing, we must all work together, small orgs with big to adapt and take advantage of market shifts and emerging opportunities.
I suggest, “Is the pre covid rule book gone, is it dust.?”. This has amplified everything.
Businesses have to look hard at how they do business and adapt. It’s as simple as that. It’s a constant change in chaos.
This virus feels like a test run for worse to come, from the virus itself, behavioral shift or geo political aggressions. Expect the unexpected.!
This is going to be a tough and amazing time. For every job lost we will create 2 new ones by being innovative and out of necessity. Aotearoa is 6 months ahead. We are nimble, fast and innovative. We are going to be the first place open again, so let’s take advantage of it.
One of my business colleagues was wiped out in ChCH and he says COVID is no different for him and he got bugger all support. He worries about the medical issues we face and I agree.

Personally, i’ve accepted, “that settling for less is OK”.

Graham Bloxham

NZ has a 6 month head start, Lets not waste it

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