Our Team Values

With a good attitude, one can-do philosophy, positive energy, and enthusiasm, anything is possible.

Equality:  Everyone is equal, has a voice and can enjoy the same opportunities.

Sustainability:  Learn from and work with sustainable and eco focused operators.

Focus:  On the user and all else will follow.

Whanau:  Respect, integrity and trust each other, In NZ and our offshore teams.

Team Members

Olivia Cross

Digital Reporter

Skilled at news writing, reporting and networking. Currently working towards my big goal of developing my platform as a presenter

Graham Bloxham

Founder Funder & CEO.

Entrepreneur with a history of developing startups to exits. Experienced in capital raises and sales. Skilled in leverage models, digital sales & marketing, platform development, team-building & networking.

Joseph Parr

Producer, digital & cyber security lead

Experienced videographer and media manager, Skilled in media production from concept, filming, editing, animation, CGI, and everything in between

Development Director

Vijaykumar Dogra

I use the web and AI to plan my trips to save time and energy. And make it more personally rewarding for my friends.

Divya Javiya

Salesforce Manager

Become an Expert in my field and Start own business

Sheerish Uware

Offshore development lead

QA Engineer with more than 10 years of experience. Currently working as a remote worker and providing better solution to companies across the globe

Nyah Holland

Entrepreneurial Assistant to CEO

I have a background in commerce, creating the successful social enterprise, With Boomerang, my team was able to provide over 50 children in poverty with memorable birthday experiences from 2017-2019

Subhan Ahmed

Brand – UX Lead

From imaginations to personas I try to establish a great connection between the designed product and user by giving a great user experience

Sourabh Sharma

Development Technical Delivery Manager

To handle the client and communicate with end to end delivery my dream is to become the entrepreneur in IT sector


Jack Brabham

Video and digital editor.

My passion is working in social and creative spaces.  I love to play football and tennis with a bit of snowboarding on the side when the snow is right. 

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