More about Graham Bloxham

Entrepreneur with a history of developing startups to exits. Experienced in capital raises and sales. Skilled in leverage models, digital sales & marketing, platform development, team-building & networking.
Currently steering hybrid intergrated media company. In your pocket media which supports retail, hospo and the travel sectors. 
We have built the Netflix of local search experiences. An App that bundles any business, place, attraction or event on the web into an experience that people can then personalise, buy & share. All in minutes
To reduce reliance on big search for our customers, we purchased huge Social media audiences and have tightly intergrated them with the App, added  straight up media content. The benefits of which are awesome for our advertisers and people that enjoy the App.
This platform is how we will discover, personalise, enjoy and share physical experiences.
NZ in your pocket. #Sydney in your pocket, # London in your pocket #Mars…..
I was invited to a trip to Rotorua, With 10 web sites open, & 3 hours to search idwas  “what an awful experience!” After the trip i called to say thanks. They said it took two hours calling individual operators to confirm.
5 hours to plan a weekender. And in the end i missed a key activity and couldn’t share the trip. Not cool.
The domestic travel content, delivery model can be improved. Content fragmentation is costing consumers time and the industry and operators margin by delivering their experiences with dumb pricing. 
I reckon this money is being spent elsewhere.
The  Bundling engine weve built has been talked about in the industry for years, gluing operators experiences across key categories, regions and channels together on the fly, on all devices. Including the delivery of free and paid content.!
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