The Story of Mindfloss

When I started dreaming of starting a news and media site to extend our travel service we went through names, profile, target, home base, the starting line and settled on mindfloss. Even here people say what is mindfloss and I often think um it’s a site with info in it but that’s not cool enough is it.

Looking ahead into the future of media, i studied all the best magazines, web sites, news papers, Apps and blogs.

I wondered; How do we compete with the jet blasts of modern media, surround ourselves with winners that can create awesome content that encapsulate short, snappy, informative and in depth, digital, naughty and funny. Short and in depth which are opposing deliveries.

I had built an experience generator App, Wellington in your pocket, purchased huge social media reach and vast audiences to remove reliance on evil search and the commission sucking OTA’s.
I thought. If I take a bit here and there from current media our customers will end up a with bits of same thing delivery, which to me sucked.
I see media these days as short attention span, all noise, writers with kpis, write 14 articles today that get x clicks or die. Broad content for Africa and little usefulness. Once you read it, its gone, next next, go go.! Not really a nice or useful experience.
We have built something for the savvy people in cities and busy places who want to know what’s new, what to share, where the best experiences and places are and by extending the content into experiences it becomes useful at actually inspiring and rewarding people physically.
We are conversational in our style, mostly digital and extremely local.
We write, edit and create articles, short tikytoky content and snackable documentaries.
We can join any place, attraction, business orvevent together and integrate our customers into experiences and stories so our site guests are taken on a journey from home, work and device into the hot seat and back to the device. Its all seamless and in one place.
No more paying at several sites. This brings all companies into one bundle so you can pay once. All the admin is taken care of for you but you stay in control.

What we don’t know about social, online – data and engagement of audiences isn’t worth knowing and if we aren’t already good at it we will partner you to integrate that performance so our customers can get the benefit of that and our site guests can enjoy better experiences.(OTA’s – Online travel agents- Booking.com, Expedia etc).

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