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For Businesses

Wellington in your pocket app joins places, businesses, events, and attractions together into experiences in minutes, we curate experiences for people that can also build experiences themselves from businesses in our system. So if you’re not listed you can’t be added.

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For Consumers

Consumers are loving the app as it automatically gives them ideas, inspiration, saves them time, and does the organization for them. All to make accessing your business easier.Click here to claim your business

Here are Some Examples of Experiences


We create experiences for the family, for tonight, tomorrow on the weekends, date nights or holidays. It’s really expansive and saves time trolling through endless web sites. An experience can include free things like rides, walks, beaches, parks or paid things like events, restaurants, shops or activities etc.


Bundle and earn affiliates system lets influencers with large social media followers and our advertisers make to money. You can build and share a bundled experience with your audience and gain a commission.

For example if the experience had an event, accommodation, or any bookable product in it we would share the commission.


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