Dad, why are they doing this to me, A story of the kids of Wellington

Who am I to be writing an article of this magnitude and importantly of this juncture in the Covid game.

I failed school cert 3 times I was a signwriter nothing against signwriters but, I do Billboards,  I’m a recovering alcoholic, passionate wellingtonian and probably a bit of a troublemaker, but most of all I am a family man.
I love seeing people having fun together and supporting each other.
It’s impossible to not notice the pain that is being handed out by the people we call our leaders. It reminds me of my mentor Peter Taylor who taught me about the law of unintended consequences.
I doubt Grant Robertson, Jacinda Arderm or our very busy Health Minister out in my born town sleep  well knowing in 24 hours I have had over 173 stories of kids between the age of 9 and 18 being denied scholarships, being told at school by teachers they should get vaccinated if they want to amount to anything.
The list is long of abuse, bullying social abuse, trolling all things that a year or two were seen as almost illegal but now it supports the narrative it appears to be ok. It’s not ok.!
My heart hurt when I was talking with one of the fathers of a water sports star that was on target to represent Wellington, NZ possibly and go realize their dream of a scholarship. It’s all gone in 1 year. This person is now shunned, is becoming anxious, has developed a very severe brain illness similar to delusion. Can we hear this and them go on and ignore. Why, we need to share these people’s stories and get our decision makers to follow countries opening up and letting go of the control they have enjoyed. Let it go.!
The other examples range from this to more severe to less impactful but still extremely damaging. It is altering the natural course of  these precious kids lives.
This is 7 February 2022. What impact will this have in time.
This is hopefully the first message in a resistance against these mandates, the control and the massive negative social impacts.
For the record I’m doubled up on the Vaccine soon to go for a booster.
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