We have bigger Audience reach than all radio stations and equal to Stuff in engagement

Million Social Followers
Million Weekly Reach
Million is our biggest post


Wellington in your pocket is a modern media company that builds and owns its own massive social media communities and connects these consumers with local businesses and advertisers in Hospitality, Retail, Events and Activities.

We have improved finding experiences and stuff to do for the family, a date night, weekend or the next holiday.

Advertiser benefits

  • Improved sales/New customers and campaigns that are measurable.
  • Sell on and off peak times to maximise profit and fill in quiet times.
  • Directly target and reach mass audiences at low cost.
  • Collaborate with others to be added to bundles and amplify your sales exposure.
  • Promote offers to customers nearby.
  • Direct advance bookings & Instant cash flow.
  • Join earn a bundle affiliates program and make some cash to offset costs

The Most Asked Question by Advertisers

How do you get your customers? So purchasing Wellington LIVE and Explore local NZ has been good for our reputation and provides us with extensive marketing power and reach to deliver on our promises to get our advertisers new cash flow and customers consistently.

Consumer benefits

  • Fast, Free, useful and available on all devices 24/7
  • System think’s of things to do for you.!
  • Info all in one place saving time.
  • Pay and book multiple businesses in one place.
  • Itinerary, mapping and ticketing – digital wallet
  • Delivers events, endless great experiences and kick ass pricing

Our Mission

Bundle places and our advertisers products and services into great experiences and deliver them to our social media audiences. Prime customers ready to buy using engaging content, smart pricing, exclusive experiences, and by creating scarcity and a short timeframe – FOMO.

— Graham Bloxham – Founder-CEO.



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