The domestic travel industry is strong, and at times it’s booming! Today, 85% of kiwi couples plan their travel online, leading to 35thousand travel-related searches and bookings on travel apps every week. However, with the dispersal of domestic travel restrictions, kiwis are ready to leave their bubbles but are discouraged by the time and energy it takes to plan their trips on mainstream platforms.
Wellington in your pocket solves this issue. Through providing bundled experiences, this one-stop-shop helps consumers find the perfect experience while also reducing the time and money spent planning them.


Graham Bloxham founded Wellington in your pocket because the current information and travel platforms weren’t efficient or useful due to ads, false ratings and deceptive pricing. The idea for the company came when Bloxham had difficulty booking a weekend trip to Rotorua. What should’ve been a quick, enjoyable experience ended up taking five hours, over 17 tabs and six sites, leaving Bloxham with no clue how to connect these events. So, knowing IT and wanting to support the Covid-impacted industry, he decided to build something that encouraged domestic travel.


Wellington in your pocket is a start-up company aiming to encourage tourism in Wellington by providing bundled experiences. Unlike other mainstream companies, Wellington in your pocket’s website and the app offers all the information travelers need in one place. This company provides for its varied audience by allowing consumers to personalize their bundled experience to meet their needs and interests. By providing the best deals and offers, these platforms save consumers both time and money while supporting local businesses through recognition and expanding their customer base.


Furthermore, Wellington in your pocket has the potential to grow. Through its extensive social media presence of over 450,000followers, the company has a direct line of communication with its consumers. As a result, it can adapt and add new experiences to meet the changing needs. The company can also expand toother cities in Aotearoa and create packages that include the different cities. The possibilities are endless!


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